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April 6th, 2014 - Cathedral Junior Girls Choir at Choir of the Year 2014
Cathedral Junior Girls Choir at Choir of the Year 2014

A report by members of the choir (aged between 7 and 11)

Today (Sunday 6th April), the Cathedral Junior Girls' Choir took part in Choir of the Year 2014. It was the first time we had ever taken part in a choir competition and everyone was excited! First, we assembled at the Cathedral to warm up our voices and practise our five songs: 'We the spirits of the air' (Purcell), 'Whale' (Kevin Stannard), 'Cuncti simus concanentes' (C14 Spanish), 'Bist du bei mir' (Bach) and 'Sing with joy' (Lin Marsh). Miss Haigh had to be very picky because everything had to be perfect if we wanted to do well.

Then we all walked together to Leeds Town Hall, which is only a 3 minute walk from the Cathedral. A man showed us to our seats near the stage, then the event began. There were nine choirs there, and the presenter taught us all some warm ups and a gospel song, which were fun. He also introduced the judges, who gave us some general advice about our singing. Then the first choir performed: they were Welsh, and we could not understand the words they were singing, but they were very good. While the second choir performed, we were taken to a room to practise the songs we were going to sing. Then a man came and said that it was nearly our turn to sing on the stage. Our performance was extremely exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. We sang our five short songs in eight minutes (each choir was allowed to sing for up to eight minutes). We were fabulous and everyone enjoyed it. We got a huge round of applause. At the end of our songs, I was very happy because we had some nice comments from the judges. They were impressed that we had tackled some pretty hard songs like 'Bist du bei mir'. They also told us a couple of things we could improve on. I thought we did really well as a choir, the soloists Tessa and Jade were great and Eve played the djembe very well. Soon, the fourth choir sang- one of their songs was very lively and they played kazoos. Then we heard a senior choir, who were very strong and loud- they sang 'Let it be' in Welsh. Then it was break time. Everyone ate their food, and a lady from the audience came and told us that we were amazing! Then there was a school choir who sang beautifully unaccompanied- their music was very slow. Then there was a Welsh, grown-up choir: one of their songs was about naughty people. The next choir sang lovely slow songs, but were told to look more smiley. The last choir was a primary school choir who sang a song about children around the world.

While we waited for the final results, all the choirs had a singing workshop together: we learnt some new songs and had a lot of fun. When the winners were announced, we weren't one of them, but we were able to walk away knowing we had done really well. It was a great experience and we felt very proud of ourselves. We also really enjoyed listening to all the other competitors. Miss Haigh told us that we would learn something from all the other choirs and they would learn something from us. We wished we could go back onto the stage and sing again!


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