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July 8th, 2012 - Missal Tones Workshop
Missal Tones Workshop

Missal Tones Workshop

Inspiring children with the rich heritage of Catholic liturgical music remains at the heart of the Music Department's work and alongside regular work in schools there are several special workshops. The most recent of these was a full morning session on singing the Missal Tones with participants from across the Catholic Partnership of Wakefield Schools.

The workshop was held at St Wilfrid's School in Featherstone, and was made up of over 200 children from the feeder primary schools. Tom Leech led the event. He began by explaining the reasons we have the common music of the chant in church and the centrality of the Latin language within the Catholic tradition. The music was taken up enthusiastically by the children and they learnt the Gregorian melodies to the Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei and Gloria in no time at all. It was supported by Tom Leech with some very lively and enjoyable vocal exercises and warm ups. Benjamin Saunders accompanied the singing.

This session complemented one held earlier in the year held for the Heads and Music Co-ordinators of the Catholic Partnership of Wakefield Schools.


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